Garnet Concentrate

Garnet Concentrate

Specification Highlight

Garnet ≥75% minimum normally 80%

Ilmenite  0 – 5%

Free Quartz < 5%

Bulk Density   2.3 t/m3  

Moisture   3-4 %

Our Garnet Concentrate is the highest grade garnet concentrate produced in the world and includes in excess of a 70% coarse-medium grain garnet content, and a minimum of 20% ilmenite and 1% rutile and zircon respectively. Garnet Concentrate production in 2015 was in excess of 280,000 tonnes per annum, and decreased to annualised production of 270,802 tonnes in 2016, but at an increased garnet concentrate grade of 80%. In 2017, the total Garnet Concentrate production was 435,590 tonnes.


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