XIX International Coal Preparation Congress

XIX International Coal Preparation Congress

13 - 15 November 2019

Event Objective

The objective of the International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC) is to provide a global forum where policy makers, corporates, professionals, subject experts and allied stakeholders from around the world meet and deliberate upon latest developments in the related fields, cutting edge technologies and recommend a country - specific plan of action to the best advantage to the local situation keeping in view socio economic environment prevailing in the country.

To accomplish this, the ICPC blends technical programmes with Industry visits with the following main objectives: 

— To learn, identify and plan to procure and adapt state of art, cost effective, simple and easy to implement and operate coal processing technologies most suitable to Indian coal.

— To showcase the strength and future vision of the Indian Coal Mining industry across the globe with a view to attract developers, investors and manufacturers to set up facilities in tune with 'Make in India' and 'Skill India' initiatives by the Government.

Industry Scenario
According to the IEA, coal's share in power generation across Southeast Asia is expected to grow from 35% today to 40% by 2040. Alongside its vital role in electricity generation, coal is crucial for building modern infrastructure such as transport systems and high-rise buildings, supporting urbanization and global economic development. India's economic development involves the increased use of energy intensive materials, including steel, cement, glass and aluminium and COAL is the most widely used source of energy for manufacture of these materials.

Indian coal deposits are of 'Drift Origin'. Due to their very generic nature, the ash content is high varying between 22% and 45%, and may go up to even 50 percent. Predominance of coal production from open cast mining leads to further deterioration of the quality of run of mine coal due to 'out of seam' dilution. Coal production in FY 18 was about 690 million tonnes (mt) and demand was about 870 mt. Domestic coal production is set to grow to over 1000 mt in next couple of years. Presently, the installed coal washing capacity in the country is about 145 mt per annum and it is projected to increase to over 350mt by 2022. In view of the stringent emission norms having been imposed on the coal based power plants; time is not far when washing of all coals could be mandated by the Indian government.